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Kono Gnaga currently partners with four schools in Bamako, Mali.  With our support, we have held dance classes on a regular basis at the schools with local artists teaching traditional movements and rhythms to the students.  For the past five years the classes have culminated with an end of the year celebration and student performance for the communities.  The celebration provides an opportunity for the students to show what they have learned and has been an event that has contributed towards strengthening the sense of community, an important contribution during these fragile and insecure times in Mali.  Hear for yourself in their own words how the community and students feel about our work!

What do Kono Gnaga’s Mean To You? In Bambara with English Subtitles
What do Kono Gnaga’s Mean To You? In Bambara with French Subtitles

In addition, as the L’Ecole Adam de Dicko is a small school in an impoverished neighborhood, Kono Gnaga addressed some basic needs by rehabilitating four classrooms and providing the school with 56 new desks. Our support to the school inspired the community to raise their own funds to build out more classrooms.   This is an extraordinary effort by the community and is a true testament to the idea that when you provide assistance in the correct way, it can instigate even more progress.

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