Literacy Project

Solo Sana collaborated with Drissa Konate, a Malian portrait and mural artist, and Terae Soumah, an artist and educator to create a children’s books that promotes literacy while documenting, sharing, and celebrating the beauty and importance of Malian traditions.  Both Drissa and Terae worked together on a series of paintings that depict a traditional wedding ceremony and explain the origins of Dansa given to them by Solo.  Drissa and Terae painted on the same canvas for each painting to realize the image together. It was a year- long project that culminated in a children’s story that is currently written in English, French, and Bambara with the intention to provide a culturally relevant story for local children in Mali to promote literacy and education.   Kono Gnaga has organized multiple exhibits of the artwork and events showcasing the project while currently researching further translation and publishing options.

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